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We are a 2 star hotel with rooms situated throughout 4 floors. The hotel has no lift due to the grade 2 listed building status meaning we can't make alterations to install one. We will of course, help with luggage though.

Our food is traditional and cooked using fresh produce of fish, meats, vegetables & dairy sourced from Scilly & Cornwall where possible. Our style is not nouvelle cuisine or a fancy Michelin Star type restaurant.

Our experienced staff offer excellent & attentive service, far beyond the normal expectations for a 2 star rated hotel

Our swimming pool is 8 metres x 4 metres and so neither small, or Olympic size! An unusual extra facility compared to even many other hotels. Its size is governed by available space, and is covered in and heated.

Our rooms are comfortable & furnished to the same standard. All are en suite with either bath, shower or both, and some are compact, hence the special offer lower tariff for these.

The hotel is situated in the centre of Hugh Town, at the quieter side and is ideally positioned for easy access to the harbour for inter island boats to the inhabited islands of Tresco, Bryher, St Agnes & St Martins.

I try to post regular photographs of the islands, and you can see more of the hotel in the photo galleries on the right hand side of the page.

If you would like to contact us please feel free to email or telephone: Tel. 01720 422575

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

British International Helicopters Fares

British International Helicopters are now selling next years flights at this year's tariff and they are holding these prices until 30th December 2010.
People can book at the usual places, Sea Salt Team John and Julie Morley on 01720 422665 or Penzance Reservations on 01736 363871. There's also a website link half way down this blog page on the right hand side. I am presuming the tariff is held on there also.
Get in there quick and get your tickets before any increases are incurred (also remember the VAT will be up to 20% in January which is bound to have a knock on effect!)

Here's a picture I took of the helicopter back in February 2009 landing at St Mary's on one of those rare occasions when we had some snow... albeit a dusting which lasted about 2 days with a few top up flurries:

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Pool is Getting There! 3rd Coat!!

23rd November 2010:

The 3rd coat has this morning been applied. Just a top coat of clear sealant to go now. The paint will then take 5 to 7 days to cure before being possible to walk on it. We have had to wear bags on our feet to stop from marking or damaging the paint.
Here's a couple of pictures of Head Chef Rob & myself this morning painting the 3rd coat. (Check out the new fashion trend of footwear - it will be all the rage next season ha ha!)

Friday, 19 November 2010

Swimming Pool Getting a Splash of Paint

The pool was drained at the end of the season, and Rob the chef worked hard (whilst I went away on holiday!) preparing the pool with a blast of the pressure washer and sanding the paint down to give a good key.
We have today started with the first coat of paint. Both Rob & I tackling this as the paint only has about one and a half hours working time before it becomes too thick to work with as it is a two part paint (pigmented paint & resinous hardener). Last time I did the pool a couple of years ago, I did it alone and could never finish the tin before it was too hard.
We very nearly got around with just one tin. The only part unpainted being one of the risers on the steps, but that will get a go with the next tin. I have enough to give the pool more coats this time, which then gets coated with a clear sealing lacquer as a top coat.
Here are some photos of our progress:

Pool emptied (just about) & ready for painting:

Pool sides done first:

Floor done last... remembering not to paint ourselves into a corner!:

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Sunday 14th November 2010 - Remembrance Sunday

The weather looked bleak first thing in the morning with that horrible drizzly "get you wetter than usual" type of rain, but as if on cue, the clouds parted in time for the Remembrance Service to honour the Nation's Fallen.
The rest of the day was bright & blustery from then on in. Here's a couple of pictures I took around the Garrison in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, so they were taken on my mobile:

Letter of Thanks Received After Travel Disruption

The very end of October brought a spell of bad weather with strong winds disrupting travel services. Although the hotel was closed and the majority of staff had left, we were able to come to the rescue of a family party of 7 who were stranded on St Mary's, unable to return to the mainland as scheduled, and wishing to stay together as a group. Our housekeeper Shirley made up some rooms to accommodate the party. Although the rest of the facilities such as the bar & lounge, dining room & pool were all closed, their bedrooms were warm and cosy enabling them to rest for the night before finally being able to travel back to the mainland the following day.

Pasted below is a copy of the kind letter we received from the family party leader on his return home: